Waiting for Cassowary


The bird you see above is a cassowary. Please stand by.

4 Responses to “Waiting for Cassowary”

  1. Meg's Mom Says:

    I’m really curious (all the time actually-) as to why you picked a bird generally known to be the meanest creature on earth–next to humans , of course? I shall check back through ‘The Meg’s’ blog to get the info on this choice!

  2. Meg's Mom Says:

    P.S….I’d also like to see the whole painting. Assuming that the header is just a portion of it?!

  3. colleen Says:

    Well they don’t fly, right? How long will you wait in that case? This is a pretty fierce blog totem, right?

  4. Wandering Willow Says:

    Nice Cassowary, Rick! I’d like to think that the fact that I’m number 4 on your first post makes me something of a celebrity in the Blogosphere. Or could I be stretching things a little too far with that assumption?

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