I Imagine Doors Slamming


(Occasioned by the recent run-off in the election for 2007 Chemical Enterprise Association president)

Things must be exploding
in excitement at The Show,
just as they are here
at the Northeast News Bureau.

I imagine doors slamming,
people running down halls
in a flutter of paper,
editors running
into each other.

The chief has his top
Button unbuttoned,
His tie hangs askew:
He wants answers.
No calls in or out, though—
the lines are all jammed.

Send out for pizza.
Yeah, and coffee.
‘Cause, friends, this could be
What we call an all-nighter.

3 Responses to “I Imagine Doors Slamming”

  1. kenju Says:

    Cute poem. I hope you don’t have to stay all-night…….LOL

  2. Todd Says:

    Now I know what you want for Christmas, a weekend with Toby Radloff.

  3. Pearl Says:

    That’s fun. Where’s Clark Kent gone off to again? How he stays employed, I’ll never understand.

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