Get on the Good Foot!


Be it resolved that in 2007, I shall:

1) Smile and sleep more

2) Take certain things that I have not been taking very seriously more seriously. Repeat in reverse.

3) Lay off Garrison Keillor. The dude is what he is.

4) Catch up on book stack in bedroom.

5) Loosen up and get tight*

6) Clean the studio sink

7) Mess up the studio sink more often

8) Take advantage of kids’ unused exercise devices in the basement (for the purpose of exercise)

9) Teach Emily to drive a stick

10) Kick up, kiss down

*Advice Dennis Hopper says he got from a favorite painting instructor in art school.


8 Responses to “Get on the Good Foot!”

  1. Todd Says:

    Happy New Year Rick.

  2. mrschili Says:

    I love your first resolution. I think that smiling more would do a lot of us a lot of good.

    Item #3 made me giggle…

    Good luck with teaching the daughter to drive a stick. I think it’s a vital skill for anyone to have.

    My life has been made richer for having you in it. I’m looking forward to more of the same in 2007! Love and warm wishes to you and all you love…


  3. Carroll Says:

    A most excellent list! Mine is very short, but I believe I have set a goal I can meet: Drink more water.

    Have a safe and festive New Year’s Eve, Rick, and may the one ahead be good to you and yours.

  4. kenju Says:

    Rick, I hope you have the best New Year ever in 2007. I have only one resolution: to quit using so many exclamation points! (lol)

  5. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    Dear Dear Rick…you are one of the special treasures of 2006 out there in the Blogesphere! So wonderful getting to know you through your blog…
    May 2007 be a particularly fabulous year for you and all those who are dear to you…Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Creativity…! In any order they might be most welcome!

  6. colleen Says:

    Thanks for the note! Your writing, art, and general presence has added to my life as well!

    As for resolutions, I can’t think of any except to get some videos on my blog. Every time I come up with one, I talk myself out of it because it feels like a pressure. I used to do mind maps when the new year came around. I remember one year writing that I wanted to manifest a trampoline!

    Have you been picking on Garrison Keillor? We listened to him tonight on the ride up the mountain after checking out my son Dylan’s new house. After laughing out loud at something he said, I asked Joe how he would describe Keillor’s humor. Dry? Self-depreciating? I think it’s the way he says something. I repeated what he said that had made me laugh and it wasn’t even funny when I said it! I don’t laugh out loud that easily. I’m a candid camera sort of laugher.

  7. Meg Says:

    Haha… Garrison! I love it. Is it a case of fearing what you are in others, or seeing his drift as antithetical to yours?

    Regardless, I love you both. Here’s to all your resolutions coming true.

  8. Patia Says:

    Omigod, you mean I’m not the only one who thinks Garrison Keillor is annoying? That’s sacrilege around these parts. I actually WISH I liked him, but his voice bugs me.

    10) Kick up, kiss down


    I’m inspired; I’m going to go write my resolutions now.

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