De-lurker Week 2007


This is De-lurker Week. I don’t think I have any lurkers, but just in case I do…Have a nice week!

7 Responses to “De-lurker Week 2007”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’m so NOT a lurker. More like a STALKER. Still, I’ll comment, if for nothing more than to set a good example for the rest of ’em.

    : )

  2. Birdie Says:

    I’m a larker. Does that count?

  3. Kizz Says:

    Dude, that’s such a disturbingly accurate photograph for this week. If I had been lurking all this time I’d comment like 17 times just so I could not think about myself as the nutty felt bedecked person in that photo.

  4. Marjorie Says:

    …I’m a lurker.

    I’ve only been here a little while–came here from Meg, was drawn in by the Bill Nye conversation and the title and the mentions of the town where I currently work. Really I guess I’ve been here since this blog started. Haven’t really read the first one, though.

    Can I take off the yellow suit now?

  5. Rick Says:

    Hello, Marjorie! You are no longer a lurker. Take off the yellow suit. The bucket you can keep!

  6. Meg Says:

    Do you mean “looker”?

  7. Carroll Says:

    How fun to have everybody chiming in all at once. Great image! Bye

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