Soutine’s Ray


A hectored dream, this hanging skate,
Its sagging breakfront entrails
And tomato paste
Stigmata of the stoneware jug
Where ghostly hunger rises
From a leaden, long-dead poverty,
Hovering as lovecraft
Over rot and shattered color,
Shadowing the reek of sultry fate
In bottom-wash and mud-damp cellars,
Rayfish taunt, bedeviled Christ,
A slow-revolving shroud
At banquet.

Painting: Still Life with Rayfish by Chaim Soutine.

2 Responses to “Soutine’s Ray”

  1. prego Says:

    Nothing says Christ like seafood.
    Lucid imagery.


    Here via Michele today.

  2. colleen Says:

    OOOH… so Edgar Allen Poet-ish. Like an open wound you can’t help but look at and to describe it may be the best part.

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