Still Life with Iron Kettle


4 Responses to “Still Life with Iron Kettle”

  1. Todd Says:

    Rick, this is really wonderful! I love the arrangement and the way the skull appears after I have looked at the flowers. The glass of the bottle is painted beautifully. This is a jewel. What a giclee print this would make!

  2. mrschili Says:

    I agree – gorgeous. I was struck by the sense of movement under the kettle – it’s almost as though it’s sitting at the apex of a pyramid – and the ghostly way the flowers hover around the edges, almost as though their forcing their way in from another dimention. I also love the glass-half-empty/full of the bottle…

  3. colleen Says:

    Happy. Before the cold weather. It reminds me of the rug next to my pink pants that I just posted tonight.

  4. Tata Says:

    I LOVE this painting.

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