The Interactive Colon

Union Station, Washington, DC



No, it wasn’t sponsored by McDonald’s, though it should have been. Just another ironic juxtaposition of commerce, public service, and transportation. The interactive colon, right there between McDonald’s and the bar at Union Station. Mothers chatted outside of it as their children ran through it. The whole thing seemed a bit ironic.

This year–not until November, mind you–I turn 50, which, as we all know, is about the time in life when we must take on new medical regimes. The colonoscopy is one of them. I had my first, because of various gastro problems, when I was 26, at which time a small polyp was located, removed, and deemed benign. Since then I have had regular procedures with no recurrence of polyps. This experience prompted me to have prostate examinations on a regular basis starting when I was in my mid 40s.

Men, we are told, are a lot less likely than women to work necessary examinations into their yearly healthcare regimes as they get older. And men pay a price with colon and prostate cancer. I hope this exhibit at the train station, which shows you the possible progress of the type of polyp I had if it is not removed, prompts men and women passing through to take advantage of simple, painless, quick and really important procedures.


4 Responses to “The Interactive Colon”

  1. kenju Says:

    I just did that last week – on Tuesday – and this time I was polyp free. Luckily, I don’t have to do it again for 5 years.

  2. Pearl Says:

    That’s a pretty eye-catching palpable yet light way to get the message thru.

  3. Patia Says:

    Wow. I just … don’t really know what to say.

  4. Elena Says:

    Inspiring story there. Wɦat occurred ɑfter? Thanks!

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