Bird Talk (for Ramses)


Preposterous, the very thought that birds
are able to converse with Tom and Dick
and Harry, read our minds and somehow stick
With arguments and flirt with the absurd.
The dinosaurs, their predecessors, came
Across as dull. Did birds plug in somehow?
Outsmart the age of ice in Curacao?
Did they get smart before we made them tame?

Perhaps the owners over time prevailed
Through bird-love, stroking parti-colored tails
And yak-a-yak-a-yaking through the day.
The first were pirates, I suppose, whose ships
Enabled the Diaspora, who tipped
Them off to all those wild things they say.

Photo of Ramses by Birdie Jaworski

6 Responses to “Bird Talk (for Ramses)”

  1. Birdie Says:

    You know, Rick, when I read this last night, I wanted to comment but the bird poem thread at cafe’ cafe’ wasn’t a discussion sort of thread, so I’m so glad you posted this here, too!

    Your poem made me sincerely wonder if Dinos could talk. Like some birds, like minahs and toucans and parrots. And crows! They can talk, did you know? Maybe stegosauruses (stegosaurii?) repeated the rumble of T-Rex. I thought about it for a long time last night.

    I love your poem, all your poems.

  2. Rick Says:

    Thanks, Birdie!

    Ramses looks like I imagine some of the cats at that Sonnet Central place look when they read my stuff.

    Great photos yesterday. Beautiful animals. Not surprised the Didi hit on Sunny. And boy did that launch a string-o-poems!

  3. Carroll Says:

    Oh, this is wonderful, Rick. I’m going to have to find my way over to CafeCafe to read the others too, but I’m pretty sure yours is already my favorite!

  4. Marjorie Says:

    I believe it about crows; Charles Dickens had a talking raven–he wrote it into Barnaby Rudge, and in turn inspired Edgar Allen Poe (who figured out, and published, the surprise ending of the novel before the serial publication had gotten that far).

    I’m quite enjoying your sonnets–though this one feels like it could go on to become a whole bird ballad!

  5. Carroll Says:

    Enh, forget CafeCafe. I refuse to get hooked into Facebook. So, yours is and shall remain my very favorite 🙂

  6. Denny Brunet Says:

    Nice website

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