Slow News Day


Photo: Alexander H. Tullo, PhD

7 Responses to “Slow News Day”

  1. Patia Says:

    I wish I could read the subhead on that cover.

  2. Kizz Says:

    That head is a disturbingly accurate fit.

  3. mrschili Says:

    You’re a freakshow; you know that, right?

  4. Pearl Says:

    That’s interesting.

  5. Gil Says:

    love Erd-Goog…tried to look at our place in the Adirondacks, but it’s only a blur…perhaps because there are decommissioned missle silos scattered around the High Peaks?

  6. keda Says:

    fabulous 🙂

  7. Todd Says:

    That is a really great picture.

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