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Representing NYC…

April 27, 2007

…on the Paris Metro. Naturally Seven

Stuck Inside of Newark with the Continental Blues Again

April 16, 2007


They overbooked the last overnight jumbo to Frankfurt,
by eight forty-five it was clear I was not gonna fly.
So I got a cab and I sat in it peevish and rancored
as all of my socks and my underwear flew to Mumbai.
Illustration by Didi Menendez


London Calling

April 10, 2007

April 8, 2007

He Has Returned

Easterattitude Saturday

April 7, 2007


Egg says~ :.) Talk to the Egg

The Passion of St. Al’s, Caldwell, NJ

April 6, 2007


Triduum Times

April 5, 2007


My third grade Jesus business in song and dance.