Separation Anxiety


With haploid days and chiral nights ahead,
still basking in our novel enzymes, why
traverse a simulated moving bed
or acquiesce as columns liquefy
and separate our racemates? The yin
and yang go left and right with no regard
for God or nature. Peptide ringlets spin
unhooked from awkward ligands limp and scarred.

But chemists in discovery have passed
this process to development where scads
of geeks will scale it up til we’ve amassed
the fingerprints of fifty undergrads.
And symmetry is such that, pulled apart,
one always gets the brain, and one the heart.


One Response to “Separation Anxiety”

  1. kenju Says:

    You need to put the “Answers” button on your blog, so I can look up the definitions to those high-falutin’ words you use….

    I have that button on my blog – check it out.

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