Shrine to Satan

The neighbor’s child has built a muddy shrine
to Satan in our yard. And I’m supposed
to cut the lawn? OK, but look at those
croquet clubs that she used (good God, they’re mine!)
to pound her pentagrams of chicken bone
into the ground. The handles are unscrewed
from all the hammer heads. It’s kind of shrewd
the way she placed that Playskool™ telephone.

Still, little girls should not touch garden tools
or take the plastic rake out of the shed–-
she’s tied it with those jump ropes to the tree.
A shattered flower pot. The Barbie head.
Horrific how this child has learned the rules
of Belial for sculpting in debris.


2 Responses to “Shrine to Satan”

  1. Meg Says:

    You’re pretty brilliant, you know that?

  2. colleen Says:

    What a wicked girl! And wicked writing. I don’t know whether to shake my head or laugh. Both.

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