Reports of their Demise

The radio reports of bee demise
Are, frankly, troubling: The British Isles
Bereft of bees, unfertilized for miles.
The murmurings are numbered. No killers rise
From Mexico–no NAFTA-wide trifecta
For the monster-sized. That’s good, I guess,
But what about the honey bees that bless
The gold tomato flowers? No more nectar?

I’m moping at the silent garden gate.
But wait a minute, here’s a bugger preening
On a pepper leaf. And wings are forming
In that calyx. Here’s another gleaning,
Bobbing, buzzing. They exaggerate!
The media should stick to global warming!

One Response to “Reports of their Demise”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’ve been trying to get one of my students to do her informational speech on bees. They really are fascinating little buggers!

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