The Fall issue of The Umbrella is out with a specail feature called To Make a Living: Poems of Working Life. It features two of mine, The Terror of the Gods and The Sandwich Man of Thornall Towers. I am in with some big fish like A. E. Stallings and Chris Mooney-Singh.

Come on under!


6 Responses to “Work!”

  1. todd Says:

    Congrats Rick, great stuff!

  2. mrschili Says:

    YAY! Publishing is exciting! I’m pleased for you!

  3. colleen Says:

    It’s raining good poetry!

  4. Carroll Says:

    Woo, congratulations, Rick. Well-deserved 🙂

  5. Jim K. Says:

    Yay! And those are really great ones.

  6. PELERINUL Says:

    NOS Peregrinus te salutant

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