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A Ghost

October 29, 2007

A ghost is made of gas, she said,
Not meat or milk or gasoline.
Your hand just passes through a ghost
Like nothing you have ever seen.

To The Show

October 23, 2007

Once again, we at the Northeast News Bureau® are called to the home office in DC (aka The Show) for the annual “Advisory Board Meeting.” Be advised that I will be very bored. In fact, my suffering will, once again, be legendary.

No reason you should suffer, however. I’m sending you all back to the Lesbian Bar with your ol’ pal Jonathan Richman.

You’re so lucky.


The Horror

October 17, 2007


The Shit Creek Review blows topical for Ocotober.


Good News for Modern Man

October 8, 2007

Creator, Author of the Fool’s Canard appears in issue 4 of Relief: A Quarterly Christian Expression.


Creator, Author of the Fool’s Canard

Creator, author of the fool’s canard
of crossing to creation, captured where
economies of scale engage–regard
the brutal neighbors, God, your sullen heirs!

Executors of your divinity
declared an endless war. But could they find
the stone we perched upon your tomb, or see
the logic of your wrathful, errant mind?

Erase this math where two and two come four,
unwind our hearts so we might disengage
from their domain and disinherit war.
Exempt us from this Messianic age.

For, God, their vision and its spawn are one–
the neighbor’s kid, his Hummer, and the gun.

New On Line

October 7, 2007

Two newly-published on line poetry magazines include my poems.


The New Formalist



The Chimaera

Again, I’m in extraordinarily good company.

Thanks for reading!