Small Change

Malik came in from Washington to hook
my laptop to the network: “This will ease
your access to the e-mail server… Look!”

A Windows® message popped up in Chinese.

I left him tapping and I took a walk.
This kind of thing’s been happening for years—
the “simple” fix, the crash, the techno talk…
When DC gets involved, it ends in tears.

I bought a deli sandwich down the street
and found our currency, again, retooled!
“It’s got a purple ‘5’— I think it’s neat,”
the cashier said. I don’t. I’m overruled.

It’s entropy. Perpetual decay.
The only choice you get is “click OK”.

One Response to “Small Change”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Ooof. Kinda gloomy for an Easter Sunday, doncha think? Where is the springtime and renewal? I’m going to go find some chocolate and restore my hope in the future…

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