Election Cycle

I promised that I wouldn’t watch the news
or call the Essex County Democrats
to volunteer. No rerun of ‘04
for me, I said. I can’t afford to lose
the sleep or hours Googling the stats
on Florida. No going door to door

with all those prima donnas from Montclair;
no bus to Pennsylvania in the morning.
My joke is that I’ve “dropped from public life,”
I tell my friends that I “ain’t goin’ there
this time around.” I’ll do without the “mourning
after.” Hell, I’ll spend time with the wife

and kids instead. I’ll brace for Halloween
and build my bunker for the holidays.
I’ll be prepared for all the chintzy crap
that buries and depresses me. I’ve seen
what happens when my attitude decays
before the shopping season sets its trap.

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