Recent Publications


I have had a run of luck with my Spring submissions, landing poems in three online publications, two of them with recordings of me reading the poems:

14 x 14

I also have two poems in Envoi, a magazine published in Wales. Here is one of them:


A gust of wind, a breath that moves, a god
in preparation sing the only song.
The startled cry is nothing. We are wrong
to fasten meanings, count the items, log
our bright epiphanies. The wind, the light,
the silence fill the trees with song, the seas
with bars of alternating motion. These
you have in morning, afternoon, and night.
Lean forward when the music comes
and gather nothing. Mastery of sums
and calculation cannot gauge the stark
enigma of a cloud or weigh the sky.
Be still. Communicate, create, and fly
into that choir ineffable, the dark.

One Response to “Recent Publications”

  1. Quincy R. Lehr Says:

    Good job, but just to note, Envoi is based in WALES.

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