La Belle Dam sans Shoes


The Barefoot Muse went for a villanelle! No greater love.

And not to be constantly bragging on my ownself, please–after reading my poem, “Dolphin Weather”, and listening to me recite it–check out poems by my pals Quincy Lehr, Aaron Poochigian, James Wilk, and Christopher Hanson. Also, there is a wonderful Sapphics piece by Danielle Mebert. And I like “Half-Past Eight” by Caitlin Doyle.

Also, check out editor Anna Evan’s review of Lehr’s new book, Across the Grid of Streets. I have cleared this essay of any ethics violation, by the way, in light of Evans and Lehr recently taking editorial wheels at The Raintown Review. It’s clean.

One Response to “La Belle Dam sans Shoes”

  1. Danielle Mebert Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful words about my poem.

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