The Winter Rain

The winter rain explodes to heavy flakes
that load our field of vision. Double takes
resolve to halos where electric light
bleeds out into the saturated night
at a reflexive tapping of the brakes.

The Watchung ridge dissolves in teeming lakes
of cold reaction. Drivers make mistakes
behind the veil of shattered dolomite
that winter rain explodes.

The windshield wiper, flailing in its cakes
of knotted crystal, burnishes and rakes
the landscape, tossing Armageddon right
and left, inuring heaven to a bright
hereafter. Every particle it shakes,
the winter rain explodes.

2 Responses to “The Winter Rain”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Yes, indeed; that’s what it’s like, exactly.

  2. Rick Says:

    Thanks Mrs. C! That’s what I go for!


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