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“The Lean Sonnet Zine”

March 21, 2010

My sonnet, “Postcard”, is in the new, and newly redesigned, 14 x 14. Click around–be sure to check the Author Index for sonnets by our favorites.



March 17, 2010

Alas, my name saint’s a decrepit king,
And I, a nonetheless intrepid king

Whoever lies and lies and tells the truth
Would never bow before a tepid king

I dial my Dick decoder ring and sulk
And think, a spotted ermine Leopard King

My queen is taken by the bishop’s pawn.
Am I mistaken for a vapid king?

But day breaks hard, the barnyard poultry cries.
And when the sun arrives, yclep it King!

You worship staring straight into his eyes,
I hit the register, a rapid king

The richer dead, the poorer gone before,
The middled mine. I’m not a crooked king


March 6, 2010

I have two sonnets in the current issue of Soundzine. The theme is”green”, which has a lot going for it beside recycling and vehement chin jutting about global warming. Check out poems by Rose Kelleher, R. Nemo Hill, Michael Cantor, and Mary Meriam. Michael’s is written in response to one of mine about Venice that happened to have run in and earlier issue of Soundzine. Rose and I also made it onto top ten lists. It is a great looking, swell sounding issue. And congratulations to Mary on being named poetry editor.