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June 19, 2010

The Spring/Summer issue of ep;phany arrived today. It features poems about places, including a wonderful poem by April Bernard called “Not from the Italian”. There are three of mine, including:

Ending in Cape May

For my Aunt Ches at 98

You linger through a summer fraught with squalls,
a tough recession and tomato blight.
“It takes its time,” you sigh. “It drags, it crawls.”
You cry to have it over with at night

and deal your Mass card solitaire in dust–
a run of hearts, a club, the Savior’s face.
You play a closing hand of gold on rust,
a color scheme that seems to swim in place.

I drive to Exit 0 in the rain
past stunted pines, a vagary of plate
tectonics. How this prehistoric strain
of evergreens defines the Garden State

and brines the heavy air of afternoon!
I feel the electricity in clouds
that build like weekend traffic, knowing soon
another microburst will tear like crowds

across a sunny beach on Saturday.
We’ve had so few this year. The businesses
along the Jersey shore are blown away.


Huncke is Here

June 15, 2010

My 12-canto ottava rima epic, Huncke, is now available in solid dose form from Seven Towers, Dublin. The book, illustrated by Paul Weingarten, can be purchased from or from me if you go to FaceBook, join the Huncke group, and e-mail me an enquiry. I have launched a separate blog called Huncke with all sorts of information. Stop by!