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In a Taxi from de Gaulle

October 30, 2010

This morning the plaster-white dome of Montmartre
presents to the highway a century’s grime.
It hemorrhages clouds from a cold Sacred Heart

to color the city of Ingres and DesCartes
a boulevard gray. In the interest of time
this morning, the plaster-white dome of Montmartre

speaks not of its grand contribution to art,
but more of its neighborhood’s canvas of crime.
The hemorrhage of cloud from its cold Sacred Heart

calls forward the spirit of Camus and Sartre,
the pipe smoke that wanders and couplets that rhyme.
Of mourning, the plaster-white dome of Monmartre,

of man in the city and man set apart.
A neutralized palette of carbon and lime
is hemorrhaging clouds from the cold Sacred Heart

to vistas bequeathed by a third Bonaparte,
on steps of the Commune, the pilgrim, the mime.
This morning the plaster-white dome of Montmarte
bleeds into the clouds from a cold Sacred Heart.

Paris, October 3, 2010


Autumn Sky Poetry

October 25, 2010

Autumn Sky Poetry is out with its annual art issue, and I am in it with an ekphrastic sonnet on David Park’s Kids on Bikes. Also see fine work by Paul Stephens, Jean L. Kreiling, and other formalistas.

Happy Birthday Arthur Rimbaud

October 20, 2010

Painting by Frank Auerbach

Raft of the Medusa

October 11, 2010

Recognize the pyramid yawns on Thursday,
swilling sun and swallowing men like Sodom.
Cellar door. O barrel of blue jean monkeys,
mark the horizon!

Hallowed mirror. Swollen pituitary,
bulbous, skyward, plastic and accidental.
Pile it on. Dismember this meager triage.
Corduroy! Crystal!

Pay me down to drink of the hurling lacquer.
Crack of Void, unbuckle my silken trousers.
Seven bells, 140 lashes.
Marry me, Donna!

Musée du Louvre, October 7, 2010