The Lullaby Inside

American Arts Quarterly has published my sonnet “Sculpture.” Please click on the link below the poem at the AAQ site to see a website on Judith Scott’s work. Click into the section labeled “Judith’s Artwork”, which includes two minutes from a documentary film about the artist. Below is another very interesting video. Thanks to Meredeth Bergmann for taking the poem.


One Response to “The Lullaby Inside”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Rick, when you get a minute, send me an email, please? I want to talk about perhaps having you come to my poetry class next semester (in person if we can possibly make that happen; via Skype if we can’t). My plan is to provide the kids with as much real-world applications of poetry as I can, and since I recognize that poetry is NOT my literary strength, I’m relying on friends and colleagues (from wherever I can find them) to fill in my gaps.

    The new term starts in February, so we’ve got some time.



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