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Stones Jones Canzone

April 27, 2011

“The Stones in Morocco”, the first of my Rolling Stones canzones, appears in the April issue of The Flea!


Pospisil’s Insomnia

April 24, 2011

I read Ray Pospisil’s Insomnia at a National Poetry Month reading honoring the poet at the Elizabeth, NJ, Public Library this afternoon.


April 5, 2011

The tiles slid. And two words (one high-scoring)
came together, doubling up in size,
waiting to pop out and yell “Surprise!”

as Sunday Scrabble teetered on the boring.
Emily read a rule—“No proper nouns.
You can’t use words that start with capital letters.”
The players nodded grimly in their sweaters,
as Maureen scooped back EDISON. Such frowns.

“And there goes QUIZBEAR!” I observed. I pointed
where the neologic hybrid lurked,
the character whose fuzzy-wuzzy face
unhibernated when the table jerked….

How everything that followed disappointed.
Two-bit words in Gothic upper case.