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Ousted Laureate …

January 11, 2014



The shock of recognition, triggered by
an old man coughing, rattled the Acela
quiet car. He had no alibi
and read the Times review of Cinderella
Rice’s memoir and a book of verse.
I didn’t want to interrupt or bother
him, provoke an incident, or, worse,
discover I’d confused him with another
brother wearing academic cords,
a knotted scarf, Italian slipper shoes
and glasses. Nor would I risk crossing swords
by bringing up that line about the Jews.
So, I waited ’til we reached the Promised Land.
I introduced myself and shook his hand.

October 13, 2010
Acela is the express train run by Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor from Washington, DC, to Boston.