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Interesting Feedback

January 29, 2007


Earlier this month, I wrote about Joachim Probst, a strange and wonderful painter. I described him as legitimately mad. The following showed up in the comments this weekend from Isabella McFarlin

Yes, Probst was mad. He and my parents, Irving Fiske (playwright) and Barbara Hall Fiske (painter and cartoonist) were close friends– they tried to help him and believed him a genius. He seems to have had some kind of fixation on my mother, and would burst into our farmhouse in Vermont from time to time during the 1950s, threatening my brother and me, and once (allegedly) trying to throw a cat into a fire. He also threatened, and this I remember, to burn down our barn. My parents and he had probably a more complex relationship than I can ever know, but it was no fun to fear his sudden appearances in my childhood.
Whether he was a good painter or not, I really cannot say. My mother is a far better one and unfortunately, she is at present little known!

Probst is also fairly obscure. Isabella no doubt found my post on a Google search, where it comes up near the top. Thanks for sharing this with us, Isabella. I do think he was a great painter, and I am interested in knowing more about him. I would especially like to see his work some time.

De-lurker Week 2007

January 11, 2007


This is De-lurker Week. I don’t think I have any lurkers, but just in case I do…Have a nice week!

It’s a Small World

December 5, 2006

gradetwo.jpg The first person to comment at my first blog, Verb-Ops (to which the screws shall be put at dawn), was Meg Fowler. This, of course, made Meg the most fascinating person using the Internet. I still believe she is up there, somewhere—in Canada, that is, where her new venture,, recently won first prize for new blog and third prize for personal blog in the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. Well deserved.

Meg, 31, is a blogosphere heavyweight with a writing style and stuff to say that will bring you to your knees or get you jumping. Above is the only known photograph of the reclusive, Pynchonesque Fowler, taken of her in second grade.

Now, here’s where the world gets small—check out comment number one, entry number one for this, our current blog. It’s “Meg’s Mom”! Yeah! That Meg’s Mom. She also comes in with comment number two! My mention of homemade Daddy’s Loosiany Firehouse Dippin’ Sauce” at Meg’s blog today brought her by for the recipe.

Meg’s Mom alerts us to the fact that the cassowary is more-or-less a wombat crossed with a pit bull–just add feathers and funny legs. How and why, she asks, did I choose such an animal in naming my blog? Well, the answer is that the bird chose me! I guess the idea is to stay one step ahead of it while waiting.

It was very nice of you to come by, Meg’s Mom. And I’m sending you the recipe via Meg.

And congrats, Meg!