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Here Be Monsters On Ice

December 3, 2009

Please click on image to see how weird its eye is. Thank you.

Cassowary Photo®: Madrid, Spain, November, 2009


Get on the Good Foot!

December 31, 2006


Be it resolved that in 2007, I shall:

1) Smile and sleep more

2) Take certain things that I have not been taking very seriously more seriously. Repeat in reverse.

3) Lay off Garrison Keillor. The dude is what he is.

4) Catch up on book stack in bedroom.

5) Loosen up and get tight*

6) Clean the studio sink

7) Mess up the studio sink more often

8) Take advantage of kids’ unused exercise devices in the basement (for the purpose of exercise)

9) Teach Emily to drive a stick

10) Kick up, kiss down

*Advice Dennis Hopper says he got from a favorite painting instructor in art school.

Change is Good

December 5, 2006

krazy1.jpg So, I’ve started a new weblog. One reason I did so is that I’m really tired of Blogger. It’s always been very unreliable. And as soon as I took the bait of switching to Blogger Beta, entirely new headaches emerged to eradicate the small improvements and the minor uptick in reliability of the new version.

I also came to the end of what I started doing at Verb-Ops, which was (I learned about six months into doing it) writing my autobiography. I basically told my story, interspersed with lots of real time stuff. Lots of shenanigans. A silly nom de plume. A great time, basically. But I’m all caught up.

I plan to continue having a great time in a somewhat different format. Certainly not on Blogger. I must say I like WordPress after less than a day of fooling around with it. I like having a blogroll, which, believe it or not, I could never figure out how to do on the template I was using at Verb-Ops. And I really like putting ol’ Johnny La Conkeroo up there in the header. I like the feel of the WordPress “environment.” So, here I wait for Cassowary.

My loyal (or recent) Verb-Ops readers will remember that “Waiting for Cassowary” came to me as a name for a painting I finished last month. I don’t know exactly what to say about what it means, but I believe it. It’s happening. Right now. I can feel it.

I think I’ll be writing more poetry.

So, I hope to pull you all over here (you’re here now, right?) and keep you and multiply you. But I also hope I’m happier here doing something for myself.


Waiting for Cassowary

December 4, 2006


The bird you see above is a cassowary. Please stand by.