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March 17, 2010

Alas, my name saint’s a decrepit king,
And I, a nonetheless intrepid king

Whoever lies and lies and tells the truth
Would never bow before a tepid king

I dial my Dick decoder ring and sulk
And think, a spotted ermine Leopard King

My queen is taken by the bishop’s pawn.
Am I mistaken for a vapid king?

But day breaks hard, the barnyard poultry cries.
And when the sun arrives, yclep it King!

You worship staring straight into his eyes,
I hit the register, a rapid king

The richer dead, the poorer gone before,
The middled mine. I’m not a crooked king

Gandhi Statue, Union Square, NYC

June 29, 2008

Oil on canvas 36″ x 24″


All the southwest corner knew of Gandhi
Hidden statue aura blue of Gandhi

Saturday before the bars are open
Clear-eyed walk in the milieu of Gandhi

Union Square is sunblind sky cathedral
Circle light is also true of Gandhi

Black or bronze or green I don’t remember
Deli roses? Ho! The shoe of Gandhi!

Sundress shifts a pink carnation nipple
Cymbals plink Bougarabou of Gandhi

Portrait glass enlightens incandescent
Paint from pencil lines I drew of Gandhi

Color upstate trucks of fruit and flowers
Petal rictus, ah virtù of Gandhi