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The Basement Tapes

July 7, 2010

It’s the little fuck-ups that you come
to love. The evidence of cigarettes
and alcohol, the rattle in the drum,
and how a cardboard box of tape cassettes
presents the faded document of youth—
an open call already in the can
and cracking on a plastic wheel. The truth.
That sweet malfunction of the master plan.

Photo: “Larry and Ben” by T.R. Loyd



April 20, 2010

Here Be Monsters On Ice

December 3, 2009

Please click on image to see how weird its eye is. Thank you.

Cassowary Photo®: Madrid, Spain, November, 2009

September 11, 2009

Photo by Rick Mullin, 9/11/06

On Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ

July 10, 2009


A Wall in Cork

May 12, 2009

wall cork

Zucchini Flower

June 30, 2008