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Stone Resurrection

August 21, 2011

I Come to Praise, Not to Bury, the Last of the Incroyables
To what is left of my 1970s garage band, now a lounge act

Chilling roots. A competent Bodhisattva,
you describe Adonis at fifty-something.
Total ice. Incredible. Only genius
covers the Eagles.

String guitar, a salient old perspective
claims the high road. Holy of Holies, hear me.
Count your minions. Carry the sonic proxy
out of our future.

Crank your manic destiny, Haines and Tug Boat.
Slack becomes your adamant Dylan medley.
Larry Fix, your name is an astral 6 train.
Hail to the Fender.

Solid ghost, pretend to remind the gathered
ancients, hairless, vague, of the Minor 7.
None shall rise as few would dispute your glory,
Stone Resurrection.

Surrey down. Reveal to a static world how
angels wear your Dorian cherry hi-tops.
Call the game, O Surrealistic Pillow.
Surfeit the fallen.

Recited on stage to diners at the Perryville Inn, Perryville, NJ, August 19, 2011


Number 09/Number 09/Number ’09

September 9, 2009

Layin’ Pipette

July 11, 2008

Laboratory Lotharios Pimpin’ Overtime

Dream Gig!

April 1, 2008


I will be launching my new chapbook, Aquinas Flinched, published by Modern Metrics, in a featured reader spot at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York on Friday night! Details here!


Representing NYC…

April 27, 2007

…on the Paris Metro. Naturally Seven

Thought for the Day

January 11, 2007

I’m too busy to write much here today. So we’ll watch a short motivational film instead.

Happy Christmas!

December 21, 2006

The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale Of New York

My favorite Christmas song of all time!
(Video guest spot: Matt Dillon as cop!)

Another favorite: Meg’s Christmas post from 2005

And, the New Jersey Turnpike Horns do Jingle Bells, via Suzette, Exit 106