Inside Poetry


My new “Mipo Radio” poetry review with MC Jim Knowles.
Here’s the latest show, featuring poetry by Camille Dungy, Edward Nudelman, and Kim D. Hunter.

3 Responses to “Inside Poetry”

  1. didimenendez Says:

    ah so this is where you keep yourself.

    berry good fandango.


  2. Carroll Says:

    And a really great graphic there!

  3. colleen Says:

    This is a great project! But I had to laugh at the contrast of the critiques/reviews here with things that get said at some of our writer’s workshops here in Floyd.

    I’m working with a group that is designing a “local writer’s room” in the new all-green hotel going up in town. We’re wanting to do something like the readings here so that guests can click on and her local writer’s read. We’ll have to consult with the techies on that one.

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