My Shot at Jesus


When Tom Delvecchio demurred—they say
He didn’t want to wear his mother’s gown—
I got my shot at Jesus. We were down
To just a week before the Easter play.

St. Rose of Lima’s pageant was about
As close as you could get to by-the-book.
The script was written by a crew that took
the Bible to my room and knocked it out.

I’d wear a sheet. When Judas kissed my cheek
(Delvecchio objection number two)
I’d be uncomfortable, but I’d get through.
I’d drag the cardboard cross. I wouldn’t speak.

Then Andrea Tartaglia would lift
The face of Christ drawn on a handkerchief.


2 Responses to “My Shot at Jesus”

  1. colleen Says:

    This brings back memories your story about the school play on Verb-ops.

    I’ve uploaded my first video. It’s of me reading poetry with a touch of a brogue on St. Patrick’s Day at the Cafe. Bullwinkle, I’m not.

  2. Waiting for Cassowary Says:

    […] third grade Jesus business in song and […]

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