Young Girl in a Suburban Café

Marcie plays guitar and sings off key
or listens to the Velvet Underground
revivalists and sips an herbal tea
until her turn on-mic comes back around.
She’s luminescent, reaching to the length
of fingers spread across a rosewood board.
There’s stiffness in her rhythm but some strength
behind that errant F# minor chord.
And, yes, the knotted scarf is kind of sweet.
She looks the part, a twist of smart and pretty.
Behind her through the window to the street
the DeCamp 33 bus to the city
idles brightly for a moment at the light,
then sets off on its slow trip through the night.

Wednesday Night Open Mic
Tasty Coco Cafe and Lounge
Caldwell, NJ


3 Responses to “Young Girl in a Suburban Café”

  1. Utopian Fragments Says:

    nice one rick
    a like observation poetry, though have not written one in ages
    this one does great work

    i must ask..
    capoed – was not in my dictionary (is it from a guitar Capo?)
    and Joan and Joni – what is it referring to?


  2. Rick Says:



    Yes, “capoed” as in with a capo on it. I dutifully googled and found it in a Wikipedia article on the capo.

    Joan and Joni are Baez and Mitchell, the latter, especially, being a singer/songwriter women learning the craft need to come to terms with. Both are big in the folk into rock milieu.

    I appreciate the comment and questions.

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