The Love Song of J. Alfred (Vanx) Verb-Ops


I trod the circuits but a year,
Traversed the world around the clock
In search of kindred gondoliers
In vast canals of babble-talk.

My chart was sometimes to amuse,
Sometimes I went with travelogue.
At times I managed to confuse
Assorted readers of my “blog.”

And sometimes I myself, aghast,
Would read, bewildered, what I wrote.
Sometimes a story from my past,
So carefully hid, was set afloat.

I got stuck once,…well, maybe twice,
And gave the plug a little yank–
I thought to put my soul on ice
And lay my oeuvre in the tank.

But something brought me back again
To this beleaguered enterprise
To finish what I started when
I launched my Internet franchise.

And now I feel I’ve done just that,
My sense is that the job’s complete.
Now, in my off-line habitat
I ponder in the world of meat

The meaning of my year on line–
These pictures and those maunderings,
This circus that one might define
As mainstreet psychic-laundering.

The answer, friends, is to the right
At “Cassowary’s” blog-a-roll.
What have I gained by working nights?
A worldwide web of kindred souls.

And I hope I didn’t offend nobody—

7 Responses to “The Love Song of J. Alfred (Vanx) Verb-Ops”

  1. kenju Says:

    I am honored to be on your blog-a-roll, Vanx and I thank you for it.

  2. Carroll Says:

    What??? You put me on your blogroll????? I can’t believe it! THANK YOU, Rick. Gawd, for that matter, I can’t believe I’ve got anything resembling a blog to be rolled. I don’t think I can reciprocate though. Or if I can, I don’t know how yet. Let me look into that, ’cause if I can you will *so* be there!

    Again, Happy Grand Opening to you, my friend 🙂

  3. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Yeah, man! That’s really what it’s all about – the collecting and maintenance of a community! You’re a cornerstone of mine, and I’m happy to be part of yours.

  4. Tata Says:


    *racing off to a dictionary.*

    Love your new digs. And custom reupholstery!

  5. Patia Says:

    Hey, nice new digs! I’m subscribing ….

  6. keda Says:

    hey! cool. i certainly like the new template.

    great. hayirli oslun guzelim.
    may it be prosperous beautiful.. or summat like that.

  7. Traci Says:

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