Pushcart Nomination!


My poem Shrine to Satan is among the six nominated by Shit Creek Review for a coveted Pushcart Prize! I’m honored to be named along with Mike Alexander, Rose Kelleher, and Dave McClure, and I will Google® Pushcart Prize very soon!

Thank you, Shit Creek Review!

3 Responses to “Pushcart Nomination!”

  1. Carroll Says:

    Holy Sh*t, Rick! That’s huge!!! HUGE!!! What a wonderful honor. And well-deserved. Sounds like you’re one of the many nominees who may never have heard of the award before being nominated for one, but it’s an extremely credible literary claim-to-fame. You are in rarefied company indeed. Congratulations!!

  2. Carroll Says:

    So, do you really have no other readers these days, Rick, or is it just that no one else has heard of the Pushcarts? HUGE, I tell you!!!! Right up there with a Pulitzer in it’s own small publications niche 🙂

  3. Rick Says:

    Thanks Carroll.

    I think the poetry has scared off the legions who used to weigh in on the old blog. Haven’t heard from certain quarters in months and months!

    Yes, I’m familiar with the Pushcart, but never thought I’d have to Google it. Shit Creek is serious stuff, but it’s an e-zine, and I think that a Pushcart is yet to go to a non-paper publication. But the nomination goes right in the bio! I’ve read a lot of bios with Pushcart nominations listed prominently.

    Nice to hear from you!

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